Tea Leaf Reading - an Introductory Course
Tea Leaf Reading - an Introductory Course

Tea Leaf Reading - an Introductory Course

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Tea leaf reading is an ancestral way to practice clairvoyance that has been cherished for its accessibility.

Requiring only tea, a cup, some water and an open mind, we then let our self be guided through symbols, answering a question the drinker has formulated or addressing a concern, as if life itself was speaking through the cup.

Through this initiation workshop, you will learn to:

- Anchor properly to the earth, your higher self and guides.

- Detach from your mental perspective, adopt a neutral and open state of mind.

- Open up to the experience of being a channel from the moment you read the cup.

- Self growth/healing.

- Maintain healthy habits and balance after a reading. 

Oh and yes... You will learn to read in a cup!

Date: October 25th,  1:30pm-4:00pm

*Offered in English at our Aylmer Location, 149 A rue Principale

Veronique has been guiding angelic meditations and working as an intuitive for the past 10 years with different mediums from tarot cards, tea leaves to her own and only clairvoyance and clairsentience. Her specialty is accompanying people through the awakening to their own gifts and soul.

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