Intuitive Energy Healing With Alex
Intuitive Energy Healing With Alex

Intuitive Energy Healing With Alex

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Our role in this session is to help bring your energy fields into balance, improving the wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Empathically working with your personal guides and universal energy, we aid your body in unblocking any unconscious limitations. In doing so, we are removing blockages both emotionally and physical so that you can live in a harmonious flow with life. During a session (and in the days following), you will experience lightness, emotional release, clarity, validation, comfort, relaxation, and feel more present and leave with a clear direction on the next steps of your life's path.  

We tailor every session to your unique needs using healing crystals, essential oils and herbs. Best results are achieved when you come into your session with an open mind and clear goal.

We look forward to co-creating with you.

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Customer Reviews

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Genevieve Bedard

This kind of healing session wasn’t my first experience. But this time it has been enlightened…awesome feeling…from the inside out. This precious vibesss lasted days after.

L’ambiance fut réconfortante, chaleureuse et propice pour laisser entrer cette énergie guérissante que Alex nous partage. Strongly recommend it to anyone who is in need of reconnecting from within. 🙏✨🤍✨

Nadine F.

Truly the most amazing experience I've ever had!! My experience was very emotional but Dana was so soothing and comforting throughout the whole time. I can't wait to see her again.

Marielle V.

Dana is very dynamic, respectfull, intuitive, open hearted, a beautiful person.
Thank you Dana!

Sasquia A.

I had a great experience with Dana. She has great energy and intuition, helping me see things I have been unaware of. After our session, I felt a sense of confidence and purpose almost like when I was a child. This was my first visit with Dana, and surely I will be back.

Rachel H.

I recently had a reiki session with Alex, his capacity for holding space, setting the tone, and knowing timing is incredible. If you’re questioning a session, I highly recommend seeing Alex, his healing is powerful. Thank you Alex!